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Whether you're a professional or competitive athlete, weekend warrior, gym lover of any level, or you just like to look after your body, Kinect Massage is your first choice when it comes to Sports and Remedial Massage.  

Most people go about their day living with some kind of pain, an acute/chronic injury, muscular tension, muscle or joint restrictions, or other issues that impacts on their quality of life.


 This can be improved or even completely eliminated through proper movement education, regular massage sessions, and diet and lifestyle changes.

How I Can Help You

This is where I come in


My goal is for you to leave each massage feeling better than you did before you came in as have the many clients I have helped so far!

During a session I will use a combination of remedial massage techniques that best suite your complaints and muscular imbalances for best results. 


Feel free to contact me before booking to discuss your issue on 

Mobile: 0417 924 506


or send a message below.

CLINIC address -

Unit 4 / 752 North Lake Rd, Cockburn Central

  • INstagram#1
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